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What do we cover in the magazine?

What counts as art?

Categories of art 

Visual Arts

  • Video 

  • Painting 

  • Sculptures 

  • Animation

  • Printmaking

  • Design

  • Crafts 

  • Photography, 

  • Film making

  • Ceramics

  • Drawings 

Culinary Arts 

  • art of preparing, cooking, presenting, and serving food

  • We do not cover restaurants unless they are supporters.

Performance Arts 

  • Live/ anything on stage

  • witnessed live or through documentation, presented to a public in a fine art context in an interdisciplinary mode

Applied Arts 

  • Fashion Design 

  • Decoration

  • Graphic Design 

  • Architecture

  • Digital  

Literary Arts

  • Magazine 

  • Poetry 

  • Books 

  • Creative Writing

Guidelines for Submitting  Images and Write-ups

All events and articles must have images and writing to be featured in the Arts News Magazine 

Rules for submitting Images

submit images in at least 8.5x11 at a render resolution of 300 dpi to provide clear quality on the magazine

Rules for Submitting Write-ups 

  • All writing must be credited with your name 

  • The word minimum for submissions is four sentence paragraphs 

Rules for Submitting Articles 

  • All writing must be credited with your name 

  • Articles must be topical to arts-focused dissection, retain to theme of the issue, and or be focused on topics related to Prince William County

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