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Bamboo Leaves
An Artist Pride Showcase
Submission fee $35
Upload File

Juried entrants outside of Prince William County  who are not part of a PWC art group, will be assessed $75.00 to cover the volunteer shifts requirement at OSA.

Participants are encouraged to have available their business cards during the show


All artwork file formats must use the form: filename_lastname-first initial (ex: Harvest Moon_Smith-H.jpg)
Please crop any frame or background out of the photo to show only the artwork. If you need help taking photos of your work for submission, please contact to set up a shoot with one of our photographers. Our judges select pieces based on the images submitted, please ensure you take quality photos.

Image Formats: JPG                                             File Size: 5MB or less

Subject Matter: -Please refer to exhibition titles above for information on subject matter for each exhibit.  Reproductions on canvas or photographic copies of original two-dimensional artwork will not be accepted for display.

All artists take responsibility for their own original artwork - that the work has no copyright issues (to include plagiarized artificial intelligence-generated art). Neither Prince William County, Hirschel Group, or Edutainment Productions will assume responsibility for any lawsuit resulting from misuse of another artist’s work. 

All artworks must be for sale (no artwork is Not for Sale [NFS]). Checks for sold artwork will be disbursed at the end of the art exhibit with 30% of sales taken as a commission to Edutainment Productions and the remainder going to the artist.

Sculpture pieces are the responsibility of the artist for pickup, delivering and securing the art to the wall as needed.

Standard OSA framing and display requirements apply. Improperly wired paintings or artwork will not be accepted. All wires should be located at least 3 inches from the top edge of the work. Artwork must be submitted and ready to be hung. All unframed canvases must be gallery wrapped (or stapled on back) and the sides must be painted. Framed artwork on paper must be both matted and framed with a wire across the back.  All accepted entries will remain on exhibit until the exhibition closes. No early withdrawals will be permitted unless artwork is SOLD by OSA. Artists may replace SOLD pieces with another juried piece of similar size and quality or with an approved piece by the selection committee. 

Labeling: The artist is responsible for placing labels on the back of each accepted artwork. For hanging artwork, this would be located on the back of the piece. For sculptures, this would be on the bottom of the sculpture. Each such label must have the artist’s name, title, medium, size and price. If you are hanging a series then each piece of the series must be marked on the back to indicate the hanging order with left/right, top/bottom, A, B, C, D or 1, 2, 3, 4, as appropriate.

OSA will print labels to display for the public viewing.


A maximum of 25 pieces of art per entrant for the Main Gallery. Maximum size of artwork is 100x100 inches. Diptychs, triptychs and quadriptychs are acceptable up to four pieces per series. Series of works that can be grouped as one unit (or themed works) must be labelled. Each piece of a series will count toward the total number, whether sold as a group or priced to sell individually. Mark the back of the canvas for the order to hang as needed. Submit these as attachments to Make sure your image has a background when photographed, do not crop your artwork or use a digital background, it will prevent the judges from seeing the size and quality of your work.


Upload File

Judges’ decisions are final. You will receive a confirmation email after a submission has been made/received.

I understand that if my artwork is accepted for exhibition for any of the listed shows during the 6 month period as indicated, it will be exhibited at the OSA Gallery from the start date of the particular exhibit until the closing date which I will receive upon delivery of my work to the gallery for said exhibit. I further understand that there will be no early withdrawals of artworks permitted for any reason. Through submission of art work, I give my permission for accepted artwork to be used for promotional purposes such as brochures, posters, promotional articles and news media, promotion of the Edutainment and OSA website and other social media, as well as in printed or online exhibit catalog. (Submission constitutes acceptance of these conditions.) Initial *

I understand that if my artwork is accepted for exhibition, I will volunteer at the gallery on the Sign-Up Genius platform.  I will complete the OSA volunteer training workshop to help as the “Gallery Artists on Duty”. If I do not fulfill my desk duty, I understand that I will not be allowed to participate in the OSA gallery for the next six months or until these responsibilities have been met *Juried entrants outside of Prince William County will be assessed at $75.00 to cover the volunteer shifts requirement at OSA.

Initial *

 This coverage of volunteer hours can also be extended to local artists: Artists have an option to pay $75.00 in place of shift coverage. 

I further understand that if my artwork is accepted in the jurying process, I will ONLY drop off the piece(s) that are/is accepted for the show. Initial *


All selected artists are encouraged to have works insured during the period of display and will assume full responsibility and liability for loss or damage as a participant in this event. Neither Prince William County, the PWC Arts Council, Edutainment Productions or Hirschel Group will assume responsibility for the works and/or any loss or damage that occurs. The participants will be responsible for their own delivery and pickup of work based on the times and deadlines indicated in the follow-up of acceptance email. Delivery and pickup of art must be done via the back door of the gallery. At the end of the art show’s changeover, art CANNOT be removed from the wall until Sunday at 5:00 pm/or the last visitor has left the gallery. If you are unable to pick up your art during the stated hours, you must arrange for someone else to pick it up for you. 

Artists have 15 calendar days after the end of an exhibition to recover their submitted works , or their works are considered a donation to the Open Space Art Gallery. We do not store work nor have the storage capacity to do so. Donated work will be sold and funded to the art center. Unless otherwise arranged and contacted through

Prince William County Arts Council and Edutainment Productions support artists from diverse cultural, ethnic, and sexual backgrounds. PWCAC and Edutainment Productions do not discriminate based on age, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or ability/disability of artists during this process. 

The selected artists must abide by the work and place policy as listed in OSA Procedure Policy

Signature *                                                                Date *

Thank you for participating! You will receive a confirmation email after a submission has been made. If you do not receive an email, please contact or call (703)-944-0336. 12pm to 9pm during Open hours


Edutainment Productions

Thanks for submitting!

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