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Dance Performance

OSA Cabaret Project

Help Us Bring New York Style Cabaret  to PWC

Why a Cabaret Room?

Community Building

This space will be a gathering place for art lovers, fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Educational Opportunities

It will serve as a learning ground for young and aspiring artists to hone their craft and for community members to engage in workshops and seminars.

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The Next Chapter

Proposed 3D Rendering

Heading 4

Join us in creating a vibrant new chapter for Open Space Arts with the addition of a Cabaret Performance Space! This versatile performance space will be a hub of creativity, hosting an array of live performances, from experimental theater to music recitals and community events. Your support will transform our dream into a dynamic reality, offering artists and audiences alike a dedicated space to explore, express, and experience the transformative power of live performance.

At Open Space Arts, we believe in the power of performance to inspire, challenge, and bring people together. The addition of a Cabaret Room will provide a flexible, intimate setting for artists to showcase their work and for audiences to engage with art in new and meaningful ways.

Our Current Flex Space

Our Flex Space currently serves as a dynamic and transformative environment. Even with the wide range of rehearsals, classes, and full on studio sessions, our flex space is due for its next evolution.

The Impact of Your Contribution

Construction and Design

Building a state-of-the-art  theater space with quality acoustics, lighting, and flexible staging.

Technical Equipment

Its close quarters create a powerful connection between performers and the audience, enhancing the emotional impact of each show.

Seating and Accessibility

Ensuring comfortable, accessible seating for all audience members, including ADA compliance.

Programming Fund

Establishing a fund to support initial productions and community events in the new space.

Our Backspace After

Donation Tiers and Rewards:

  • $25 - Applause Tier: A personal thank you on our website and social media.

  • $50 - Encore Tier: Above + a digital program booklet featuring upcoming shows.

  • $100 - Spotlight Tier: All above + a commemorative ticket for the opening night.

  • $250 - Standing Ovation Tier: All above + a backstage tour and meet-and-greet with performers.

  • $500 - Director’s Circle: All above + name on a donor wall in the space lobby.

  • $1000 - Producer’s Guild: All above + VIP access to select shows for a year.

 If we exceed our initial goal, additional funds will be used to enhance the theater's capabilities, including advanced soundproofing, a state-of-the-art lighting system, and booking talent.

 Your support will not just build a theater; it will create a home for the arts, a place where stories come alive, and a platform for voices to be heard. Let's come together to make the Black Box Theater at Open Space Arts a beacon of artistic expression and community engagement.

For More Information

The OSA Cabaret
Room Project

With your help, we can turn the lights on in a space that promises to be more than just a theater but a cornerstone of creativity and community. Donate today and become a part of this exciting journey!

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