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Our Mission

To enrich greater Prince William County's quality of life by improving awareness of local artists in Performance, Applied, Visual, Culinary, and Literary Arts making available to them the space and tools to go further in their creativity, while bringing attention to the civic and corporate influences that can be gained from this reality. Open Space Arts venue will cater to artists in the social, educational, and professional realm, as well as serving a broad and diverse audience through its programming and outreach efforts.



We catalyze new discussions and relationships. We help artists and community organizations do what they do best: enrich neighborhoods in ways that transform our county into more vibrant, beautiful and livable communities. Our work is to ensure that artists excel, while reaching into the community to develop new audiences for the arts, building program viability and growth to ultimately gain a larger corporate interest for Prince William County.

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Meet The Team

Board Of Directors

Orlean Pearson 

Carol Etkins

David Aramayo 

D’Andria Wooten

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Edutainment Productions and Open Space Arts Center Gallery

Edutainment Productions, managing the Open Space Arts Center Gallery, plays a pivotal role in fostering a dynamic partnership with NOVA professors and students to create an engaging platform for art, film and photography, showcasing the vibrant arts community within Prince William County. By offering students a work space and the opportunity to earn credits, this collaboration has proven to be a catalyst for creativity and a testament to the community's unwavering support for the arts through a physical, brick-and-mortar presence.

Edutainment Productions is a forward-thinking production company that is deeply committed to merging education and entertainment, ensuring that knowledge and creativity are seamlessly blended. Edutainment is about art, culture and the modern experience. With insight and support from Herb Williams, Edutainment in its almost two years of organizing have gained a rich history of creating content that informs, inspires, and educates. As an organization Edutainment Productions has set its sights on a novel initiative in managing Open Space Arts Center Gallery truly making it a multidiscipline arts space for all.

The Open Space Arts Center Gallery serves as the physical embodiment of artistic expression in Prince William County. Nestled within the heart of the community, the gallery provides an invaluable space for multidiscipline artists to showcase their works and offers a glimpse into the creative essence of the region. It functions as a hub for artistic innovation and serves as a bridge between the academic world and the community.

A unique aspect of this collaboration is the active involvement of professors and students from the Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA). By working closely with educators and the next generation of artists, this initiative creates a symbiotic relationship that benefits all parties involved. NOVA students gain invaluable experience, Prince William County Public Schools teachers find a platform to nurture their students' artistic talents, and the local arts community receives a fresh wave of creativity.

The core of this partnership is the creation of a fashion, graphic design, film and photography feature that brings to life the multifaceted arts scene in Prince William County. Through these mediums, the partners aim to capture the essence of artistic expression in a captivating and educational manner. The feature not only spotlights local talent but also explores the transformative power of the arts within the community.

The collaboration offers students from NOVA a unique opportunity to earn credits while actively participating in the creation of this feature. This engagement helps bridge the gap between academia and practical experience, ensuring that students gain a comprehensive understanding of the arts and the film industry.

The initiative also enjoys the enthusiastic support of Prince William County Public Schools. By providing teachers and arts students with a prominent platform to showcase their talents and projects, the partnership underscores the educational value of artistic pursuits and offers a meaningful extracurricular activity for students.

Furthermore, the partnership extends support to the Prince William County Arts Council by providing them with a dedicated space within the Open Space Arts Center Gallery. This strategic placement ensures increased visibility in the community and positions the Arts Council as an essential hub for artistic programming and cultural engagement.

By establishing a physical presence for the Arts Council, the broader Prince William County community can witness the tangible outcomes of their support through tax dollars. This initiative allows residents to see their investments in the arts come to life, as the Arts Council becomes a vital part of the local cultural landscape.

Open Space Arts Multidiscipline Arts Space managed by Edutainment can rejuvenate the arts scene in Prince William County, invigorate youth participation, and provide the Arts Council with a physical space to fulfill its mission. This venture can also be a catalyst for the county's cultural renaissance, fostering creativity, education, and community cohesion.

Edutainment Productions and the Open Space Arts Center Gallery's collaboration with NOVA, Prince William County Public Schools, and the Arts Council is a testament to the power of partnership in promoting the arts. This initiative not only enriches the educational and creative experiences of students but also provides a stage for artists and the Arts Council to thrive within the community they serve. By fostering this ecosystem of creativity, education, and community support, Prince William County stands as a shining example of the profound impact of the arts on society.

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